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POSTED BY Neowyld September 28, 2018 in Overwatch Esports News
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With the end of Open Division Season 3, a new set of teams have become eligible for the Tier 3 label. Yesterday, at 6:09 EDT, Xou (an admin in The O.W. Discord) announced the qualifications and the list of teams who met the mark this season.

The Tier 3 role is designed to make it easier for top Open Division teams to find players, scrims, and ringers (temporary subs). A lot of teams shoot for this because it is also a way to stand out from the rest of the teams in the tournament. Xou explained that only two members per team can receive the role, and the captain of each team listed can apply for the role on this form.

This season, the cutoff was the top 32 teams in list order.

Here are your NA teams:

NA Team list

You can find their list along with statistics and the EU side of things here.

The O.W. #rules channel outlines other ways you can achieve the Tier 3 role. First off, the team must have a stable core four members over the course of a month. After that has been done, there are two ways aside from Open Division to receive Tier 3.

  • A team must finish top 25% in three online tournaments within the month.
    • This one can be rather difficult given the number of recognized tournaments in a month is quite low. The main one is the Academy Gaming Weekly, and there are only four of those per month.
  • The roster already includes several members who hold the “Top Tier Competitive” role in The O.W.
    • This role can only be attained by proving yourself in top major tournaments. However, if you have this role, you are probably already considered to be Tier 3 or higher anyway.

So congratulations to those who made the cut this season. This will be incredibly beneficial for esports resumes and the futures of the players who worked diligently to accomplish what they have. If you did not make it this season, do not fuss. Go grind those tourneys and prepare for next season because hard work will be rewarded.