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POSTED BY POWERHAUS July 5, 2018 in Website
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Earlier this year, POWERHAUS decided to devote our resources and attention to the primary goal of developing our competitive teams. With that in mind, our previous website was far too complex with its member functions, credit system and overall use. Instead, we wanted a more simple website that showcased our teams, their successes, and our staff. We hope that you find the redesign of the site a successful implementation of those goals. While it shouldn’t need any explanation (by design), here’s a basic breakdown of the new site for your reading pleasure (and to increase the length of the post 😉 ):

Front Page

The front page provides a general overview of the site as a whole. Here you can see our SponsorsLatest NewsTeam DetailsStream Preview, Upcoming and Finished Matches.

Our Teams

Our team page is where you can find information and details about the rosters for our competitive teams. As of right now the team pages are very basic due to the nature of the site, but as we grow the site we would like to provide extensive details about the players and potentially even have enough data to create an entire player profile for each individual. The player profile would ideally contain their stat sheet for their tournament performance, but we’re currently not sure what boundaries we can push on the website yet, so we’ll try and keep you posted. I’m sure the players for our teams would be most interested in this feature.


The Latest News page will be used to help inform our readers about recent news regarding the POWERHAUS community. This is where  we will post information about anything that may come as exciting in the Discord, whether it be relating to a competitive team or maybe some unique opportunities that present themselves in the community. This may start off with very basic posts to inform the reader about the progress of POWERHAUS, but eventually we would like to use this platform to bring player/coach interviews, team statistics for tournaments, community highlights, etc.


The Sponsors page will be used to showcase any relationships we may develop with any sponsors. At the launch of the website, we currently do not have any sponsors, however this gives us an opportunity to be rather selective with our relationships. We will be looking to promote partners that our community would love to use, and guarantee that our relationships can be looked at as genuine.

About Us

Here you can learn about who we are (duh), find contact information and view the staff profiles. There is also a small stream/media kit for users to download to support POWERHAUS on their streams and social media.

Thank you to everyone who have been with us on this ride so far and we hope our enthusiasm to always grow and improve shows our dedication to the eSports community. Enjoy the new site!