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POSTED BY Neowyld October 8, 2018 in Overwatch Esports News
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Day two of Overwatch Contenders Trials was no close finish, but it was far from a dull showing. GOATs and Shu’s Money Crew sought to bounce back from their losses from the previous match day. Phase 2 and Skyfoxes were determined to maintain their leads. But before getting into that, it is important to look at the format of Trials as well as how it works, as it seems a lot of people still do not understand it after three seasons.

Essentially, Contenders Trials is the promotion-relegation tournament on the Path to Pro. The top four teams in Open Division get to face off against the bottom four teams in Contenders, and the top four in Trials get to remain or move on to Contenders. The bottom four remain or get relegated to Open Division. The eight teams each play one another once in a round-robin format, and the rankings are based off match record and map wins and losses.

On to the matches, Phase 2 are continuing their hot streak with their performance against Bye Week. With a 3-0 scoreline (with a draw), Phase 2 cleanly shut down the Contenders team and put themselves in a decent position to qualify for promotion. This match occurred off stream, but it can be assumed that Sinker was on his A-game if patterns hold true as his performance against Shu’s Money Crew was top of the line the previous day.

GOATs managed to bring it back for the second day. Up against Second Wind, they managed to put up a good outing, and they won the match 3-1. This match was expected to be streamed, but upon searching for the broadcasts, there was nothing to be found. Perhaps the team made a last minute decision not to stream the match to disable enemy teams from reviewing it. Either way, this is a great turn-around for one of the most popular Open Division teams. Defeating a contenders team means they could be back on track to qualify.

It was Euphoria’s turn to take the free win against the dropped GGEA. Hopefully the rest will allow them more time to prepare for next week, and they can show what they are made of.

GOATs victory graphic.

The one match that was streamed was Shu’s Money Crew against Skyfoxes, and in all honesty, it was not much of a good sight. Brandito was almost immediately forced to switch to Brigitte despite staying on Doomfist for much of the previous day. Skyfoxes are no team to joke with. They came prepared. Hacks and stuns were all over Brandito’s Doomfist, disabling his carry potential, and Luna was absolutely dominating on Ana. Nearly every fight, at least two people on the side of SMC were anti-healed. Either yeHHH (the flex player for SMC) needed to step it up with bubbles and defense matrix, or Luna was just unstoppable.

It was a surprise to see an incredibly close Nepal. It ended with 100% to 99% in favor of SMC, but they could not repeat those results in the next two rounds as they lost 0% to 100% and then 66% to 100%.

Next was of course Hollywood, a big favorite for SMC as they full held Phase 2 on it just the previous day. Their natural synergy and hero picks were greatly complimented by the geometry of the map, and they are able to flourish. SMC rolled their attack with 3:30 on the clock and then forced Skyfoxes to cap in Overtime, making them play for the draw. Just when it seemed like SMC could bring the map score even, they choked, and despite having a large time bank, they failed to even cap the first tick. With the scoreline being 1-0 after two maps, it meant Skyfoxes only needed one more win to secure the match.

On Hanamura, Shu’s Money Crew were ever-so-close to capping both points, but they were cut short at 97.6% on point B. With their goal of remaining in Contenders locked in their eyes, Skyfoxes were on their destination. SMC brought it to last fight, but they played incredibly passively and did not have ultimates to initiate win conditions. Skyfoxes entered with a Self Destruct and EMP to secure second and the match.

Rialto was a rough outing (as seems to be the trend when teams have lost the match already), and SMC failed to cap first, and then Skyfoxes only needed half their time bank in order to push the mere 86 meters. The final match scoreline was 3-0 for Skyfoxes.

With these matches concluding the first week, here are the current standings:

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The next matchups will be Friday, October 12, at 9:00 P.M Eastern. Here is who will be playing:

  • Shu’s Money Crew (7) vs Bye Week (3)
  • Skyfoxes (1) vs Second Wind (5)
  • GOATs (4) vs Euphoria (6)

Skyfoxes will already be looking to clinch their spot in Contenders while teams like GOATs and Bye Week are going to be doing their best to remain in the top four. We will see if Shu’s Money Crew put any thought into what issues are going on in their play and maybe drag themselves out from the bottom of the barrel. As for Phase 2, they will be well rested from their free win, and they will definitely be hunting the number one spot when it comes time for them to play.

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