Trials Day Three Recap

POSTED BY Neowyld October 13, 2018 in Overwatch Esports News
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We pass another day to finding out who makes Contenders and who drops back to Open Division. Contenders Trials day three was a close an eventful outing in most cases. It started off the weekend with extraordinary talent and two big upsets. Here is what went down.

Skyfoxes vs Second Wind

Skyfoxes were the favorites in this one as they had been undefeated through the entire tournament. Second Wind seemed to be in a bit of a rut considering they previously lost to GOATs 1-3, and finished last in season 2 of Contenders. But today was a gigantic upset for Skyfoxes as they fell 0-4 to Second Wind. This does not hurt Skyfoxes too much, but it is huge for Second Wind as it pushes them up to promotional territory. Sadly, this match was played off-stream.

GOATs vs Euphoria

It seemed to be an incredibly strong first round for GOATs. They took Ilios well and held it to 58% when Euphoria mustered up enough strength to retake. However, it only took one fight for GOATs to bounce right back and take it at 43% for U4. GOATs went on to win the round from there with proper ultimate management.

Lighthouse started well but finished poorly for GOATs. Nomy (who was making his first appearance on the team) made the call saying if the enemy went to point, then they should just wait and farm ultimates. They did as such and allowed Euphoria to cap first. Then GOATs gathered their ultimates and unleashed them upon their opponents. They capped at 50%.  During this time, Boostio remained completely untouchable in every fight. However, his skill did not outweigh the strength of triple tank and triple support. Euphoria came in and recapped at 34%. GOATs were able to retake one more time, but they were outplayed and lost the round 84%-100%.

Ruins was the decider for Ilios, and once again, GOATs were weak on it. Euphoria won the first fight and capped the point. It took GOATs nearly the entire time to retake. At 85%, GOATs took it for themselves, and nearly performed the same defense toward Euphoria. It was down to the last fight, and despite Tensa’s phenomenal strat calling, GOATs fell and went down 0-1.

Eichenwalde was next, and it was a strong first hold for GOATs. They held for three minutes before giving up first point. Unfortunately, they were not as adept on the next two points as Euphoria pushed through them with ease and capped third with 1:51 remaining. GOATs’s attack was shaky. They managed to get through the first two points, but nearly failed to cap with time on third. With eight seconds remaining, the finished the map and sent it to extra rounds.

GOATs attacked first with only a minute on the clock. They managed to cap first and make it halfway through second point. Emotions were high. At one point, you could hear Hooey raging as he called targets. Once Euphoria held them, sources say GOATs all shut down their streams simultaneously in rage.

Euphoria went on to win the match 3-1.

Shu’s Money Crew vs Bye Week

Shu’s Money Crew were in a rut after losing to both Phase 2 and Skyfoxes, and Bye Week seemed to be the favorites going into this one. The first map was of course Ilios, and Well was a close one. It ended up going in favor of SMC 100%-82%.

Ruins was next, and SMC absolutely dominated. After countless won fights, SMC won again 100%-26%, blowing the Contenders team away.

Eichenwalde followed with a close matchup. Bye Week pushed Shu’s Money Crew all the way back to the third point. After some desperate defenses, SMC managed to hold third and prevent the cap. On SMC’s attack, they struggled heavily. They only managed to take first when they drew Bye Week into lodge and capped while no one was on point to contest. By then, there was little time, and they failed to cap second.

SMC had an incredibly strong defense on Hanamura. They held Bye Week up until the last fight and only lost when trying to take a cheesy fight beyond the choke. Bye Week were able to punish this play and move on to second. Again, SMC held strong and stopped Bye Week from progressing toward a tick. Shu’s Money Crew’s attack was strong as well. They took both points with ample time.

With a 2-1 scoreline, SMC needed one more map. However, Rialto was a strong one for Bye Week. Their attacked landed them a 2:47 time. SMC had to show that up somehow, and they ended up pushing all the way with only seconds remaining. It was SMC to attack again in extra rounds, and by some miracle, they pushed all three points in overtime. They were then able to full hold Bye Week and win the match 3-1.

Phase 2 took the free win today against GGEA.

Here how the standings look after day three:

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The next matches will be Saturday 10/13 at 3:00 P.M. Eastern time. They will feature these battles:

  • Shu’s Money Crew vs Second Wind
  • Phase 2 vs GOATs
  • Skyfoxes vs Euphoria

Bye Week will have a Bye Day against GGEA.

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