Trials Day Five Recap

POSTED BY Neowyld October 14, 2018 in Overwatch Esports News
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Day 5 came and went as week two of Overwatch Contenders Trials concluded. Sadly, none of the matches were broadcasted since the only team that streams their perspectives had a free win. Behind the scenes, however, the stakes were high. Skyfoxes sought to clinch qualification for Contenders. Second Wind was determined to continue on their hot streak. Euphoria aimed to climb out of the gutter. These untold tales were crucial to the teams as the last week of Trials approached.

Second Wind vs Euphoria

The wind was hot going into this match-up. Second Wind stood tall against the underdogs, Euphoria who were still sitting deep beneath the group. The cyclones entered Ilios swirling into their unprepared opponents. The storm clouds gathered around Euphoria as Second Wind took map after map, leaving the former completely beaten. It was another 4-0 in favor of Second Wind, their third of the weekend. Unfortunately, there were no match facts for each individual map, but it is certain that Euphoria exited Dorado in fear of not qualifying for Contenders.

Bye Week vs GOATs

GOATs’s roster changes seem to be working well for them. The horned mammals have had their performance rise over the last couple matches, and this one seemed to show the same. They entered Ilios and gave Bye Week no break. Each map stripped away from the Contenders team. GOATs went up 3-0 before dropping Rialto, making the final scoreline 3-1. This win gives GOATs an incredibly strong foothold going into next week as they will have a break on day 6.

Skyfoxes vs Phase 2

Both teams were with huge stakes on the line. For Skyfoxes, the chance to clinch their spot in Contenders. For Phase 2, the fight continued to remain in the top four. Each map must have been incredibly close. Like the rest of the matches, this one started on Ilios. Maps went back and forth. Skyfoxes demonstrated their mechanical skill on Ilios. Then Phase 2 brought it even on Eichenwalde. They then went ahead by snagging Volskaya right from underneath the furry creatures. But Rialto was the Contenders team’s taking as they brought it to a map five. Oasis decided that it would be Skyfoxes to win the match and clutch their spot back in Contenders.

Here are the standings after day 5:

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With Skyfoxes securing their spot, that means the next three spots are still up for grabs. However, Second Wind is looking absurdly strong, and it will be doubtful to see anyone else take that second spot. The third a fourth spots are completely uncertain still. The match-ups for next week are incredibly even and can swing either way. Anything can happen going into days 6 and 7, and we wait anxiously to see the results.

The next matches are on Saturday, October 20 at 3:00 P.M. Eastern:

  • Shu’s Money Crew vs Euphoria
  • Second Wind vs Phase 2
  • Bye Week vs Skyfoxes

GOATs will be taking their free win against GGEA.

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