Trials Day Four Recap

POSTED BY POWERHAUS October 13, 2018 in Overwatch Esports News
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Today was a less than interesting middle mark for the tournament. It was a series of bulldozing and lack of performance. This is especially true considering none of the players from GOATs even decided to stream tonight. However, outside of the games, there were some interesting events that went on including the departure of Coluge from GOATs.

Skyfoxes vs Euphoria

With Skyfoxes coming off a major loss, it was Euphoria’s chance to take a shot against one of the top teams. However, this was not the case as Skyfoxes did not let one bad day get the best of them. They took Nepal with an easy 2-0 victory. Then they moved on to Eichenwalde where the scoreline was a bit closer, but again, it was Skyfoxes who prevailed in a 2-1 victory. On to close out the match, Skyfoxes defeated Euphoria 1-0 on Volskaya Industries. In the final map, Euphoria turned the gas on and gave it their all. They managed to win Dorado, making the final scoreline 3-1.

Phase 2 vs GOATs

Phase 2 were the favorites and the top dogs going into this battle. GOATs were still recovering from a loss to Euphoria, and things did not seem promising for them. Coluge, the flex tank for GOATs, was benched prior to the match. This led to his frustration and departure from the team. Hooey returned to the flex tank role to fill his place.

Despite all of GOATs’s struggles, they managed to put up an amazing performance. Every map was incredibly close. Nepal featured two rounds of 99%-99% that tilted in GOATs’s favor. Then Hollywood was a battle of third point finishes as Phase 2 failed to defend their 67.82 meter distance and lost that map as well. GOATs took the match by beating the percentage on Phase 2’s attack on Hanamura. Rialto was a turnaround for Phase 2 as they boosted their morale and got at least one map for the road. The final scoreline was also 3-1.

Second Wind vs Shu’s Money Crew

It was disappointing to see the one match that was streamed was an absolute stomping. Second Wind simply had the better of Shu’s Money Crew in this matchup. On Nepal, the first round was not even close. Second Wind took it 100%-0%. In what was arguably SMC’s best performance of the afternoon, the second round featured a close 99%-100%, but it fell in favor of Second Wind.

The Contenders team was up 1-0 against the Open Division champions as they went into Hollywood. Previously, this map was a major strong-suit for SMC. However, they failed to replicate their past performances. They lost the map 2-3.

On to SMC’s last hope of Hanamura, the team managed to take both points with incredibly low time, but Second Wind had bested them and capped with a surplus of it. SMC failed to cap first in extra rounds. On defense, they put Brandito on Torbjorn in a last ditch effort to surprise their opponents.

Let me just say… it did not work.

SMC then picked Rialto as the fourth map. Second Wind capped all three points and held on to second on defense to cleanly 4-0 SMC who really put up a poor performance.

Overall, SMC barely played the game. Every fight was a passive series of being run over by Second Wind. They had no direction. There was no coordination. This is not what we expect from the Open Division champions. Despite not scrimming, we know that they can be better than this. Hopefully we will see the pug stars make a comeback after their free win tomorrow.

Here are the current standings:

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Tomorrow Skyfoxes will be looking to clinch their ticket into Contenders while teams like Second Wind, Phase 2, and GOATs will be trying to make that process incredibly difficult. Euphoria and Bye Week will be looking to put themselves beyond the threshold and make sure be in contention to advance. Shu’s Money Crew will get a good break to ensure their matches next week will go well.

Here are tomorrow’s matchups:

  • Second Wind vs Euphoria
  • Bye Week vs GOATs
  • Skyfoxes vs Phase 2

It is doubtful that any of these matches will be streamed, but we can hope someone from GOATs will turn on the broadcast.

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