The ZOTAC Cup Returns to Overwatch

POSTED BY Neowyld September 27, 2018 in Overwatch Esports News
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ZOTAC Community Cup #1

Featuring a short interview with Jessica Torres: Community Manager of ZOTAC Cup

The ZOTAC Cup returns to Overwatch after an absence longing over a year, and it is loud. On 6 October 2018, at 4:00 P.M. EDT (1:00 P.M. PDT), the first tournament will launch as will its $600 prize pool. First place will receive $330, second will take $180, and third will humbly leave with $90. The competition will be featured across NA, EU, and Asia, but this article will focus more on the North American side of things.

This return should be welcome back with open arms as the amateur scene in Overwatch lacks tournaments with a decent prize pool, and Tier 3 teams will be pushing down doors in order to get a bite of top three. In fact, several high-skilled teams have already signed up including a revamp of Clarity (a Tier 3 caliber team that was expected to go far last Open Division season but fell short due to internal complications) and Ben Shapiro’s Epic Elite (the winners of the most recent Academy Gaming Weekly). The competition is already starting out strong, and underdogs like Ign!te will definitely be looking to snag it from the unwary giants.

The map and round structure will go as follows:

Zotac Cup Format

With the amount of best-of-one rounds and the map pool gearing toward the Control game mode, one could expect a quick and intense tournament that will get the nerves high. One map is all it takes to be knocked out of this one and set up for next time. Perhaps some pocket strategies will be pulled out during these rounds considering there will not be much time to adapt, creating unexpected outcomes.

While delving into the tournament details, I managed to touch base with Jessica Torres, the Community/Social Manager for the ZOTAC Cup. She was incredibly insightful in answering the questions regarding this tournament, and the information she gave will allow us to look into this upcoming tournament as well as learn more about where ZOTAC wants to go with this series.

Here’s the Q&A:

What prevented ZOTAC from continuing the ZOTAC Cup on a regular basis?

“The creation of the official OWL combined with lowering participation caused us to cease tournaments.”

What made ZOTAC decide to return to Overwatch?
“We noticed a steady decline in the amount of small, community based OW tournaments and decided to open up OW again to gauge community interest.”

What does this mean for future ZOTAC Cups in Overwatch?

“We’ll see what happens! If the community engagement is high enough, we’ll keep pursuing it and growing it. We are of course interested in raising prize pools, increasing competition, etc.”

Will the tournament be streamed? If so, on what channel?

“The tournaments will not be streamed from our channel. This is not a large scale event currently. However, participants are encouraged to stream on their own personal channels and tag us on social media. We’d love to see your sick plays and retweet them. We’re happy to work with streamers for future growth. In fact, if you are part of an Overwatch competitive community please reach out to us if you would like us to work with your communities/Discords. We have more to giveaway than just prize money and are looking to engage with new communities.”

Is there any info you would like to add about the tournament?

“The ZOTAC CUP is a platform where you can hone your skills while earning some cash. If you’re an up-and-coming pro player looking to break in to professional esports, we’re here to give you a platform to practice on. We take notice of players who are repeat entries and engage with us often, and are always open to suggestions and ideas on how to best help our players.”

ZOTAC has clearly kept tabs on the Overwatch competitive community, and is putting both the interests of the players and the organization in mind. Unfortunately, the tournament will not be streamed on their channel, but they encourage the broadcast from individuals. If more teams show interest in this tournament, then ZOTAC will definitely ensure the growth of it and apply more resources. Prize pools, streaming, and the quality of the tournament will overall increase, but it needs the support and participation of Tier 3 and the rest of amateur Overwatch teams. $600 is no joke.

Get out there and compete!

To review the rules further or sign up yourself, the Battlefy page can be found here.

You can follow them on Twitter @ZotacCup.