Siege 5v5 Competitive Tournament

Sticky POSTED BY POWERHAUS June 2, 2019 in Rainbow 6 SiegeTournaments,
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Powerhaus would like to officially announce the next chapter in our Rainbow Six tournament series. This time around, the rules are going to be a bit more familiar to teams involved in the competitive scene. Entry to this event is free.


This event follows a 5v5 rule set. Below is a link to the Battlefy tournament page where you can sign your team up for the event. The event page also has the full rule set and information that should answer any questions you have. Do not hesitate to reach out to us (preferably on Twitter or Discord) if a question you have is not answered on the page.

Battlefy Event page:


This event is sponsored in part by The Koyo Store and Breach Charge. Click their images below for more information:

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Breach Charge