Siege 2v2 Charity Tournament

POSTED BY POWERHAUS February 3, 2019 in Tournaments
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The Powerhaus Event Planning department would like to introduce our first official tournament for 2019! We at Powerhaus have a long history in community outreach and after taking a year to restructure and plan our moves coming into this year, we’ve reached a point where we feel we have the right people to support a regular schedule of competitive events under our community’s name. This first event is dedicated to a charity, and entry is free. We expect plenty of registrations so make sure to get your name in!


As the title suggests, this event follows a 2v2 rule set. Below is a link to the Battlefy tournament page where you can sign yourself and your partner up for the event. The event page also has the full ruleset and information that should answer any questions you have. Do not hesitate to reach out to us (preferably on Twitter or Discord) if a question you have is not answered on the page.

Battlefy Event page:

Charity Information

This charity event is in support of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, a foundation dedicated to conservation, protection and study of gorillas and their habitats in Africa. We decided to promote a charity related to the conservation of gorillas — the animal which we of course drew inspiration from when deciding on a brand identity. This particular foundation was selected for its continued success in their conservation and related scientific research. For additional information, please see their website linked above or review the charity’s rating on Charity Navigator where it has received a 4/4 star rating.

All money collected via donations, bits, and subscriptions during the event (on the official Powerhaus stream) will be donated to the charity. Donations are encouraged, but by no means are they necessary.

The charity also provides incentives for donating sums of $40, $100, and $150 through the symbolic adoption of a gorilla where we receive (among other details): a photo of the adopted gorilla, a video of the gorilla, and a profile description along with with relevant field research. If we reach any one of those goals, they will be used accordingly to adopt a gorilla — making us, we believe, the first esports organization to proudly say they’ve adopted a rare animal, let alone a gorilla. Any funds exceeding those goals will be donated as a lump sum.


We are proud to announce the sponsors for this event, The Koyo Store and The B-Leaguers Podcast. Click their images below for more information: