Ringer Etiquette in Overwatch

POSTED BY Neowyld November 5, 2018 in Overwatch Esports Info
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We have all been there. One of your players cannot make it to a scrim. You need someone asap. After spamming in every ringer channel possible, you finally get a response. The five of you plus your substitute get in the match, and the block is absolutely awful. Whether it is because your ringer did not communicate at all or he insta-locked Torbjorn as soon as he got in, there are certain things ringers and teams with a ringer should never do. This is a few tips on how to be a good ringer.


Sometimes, the ringer talks minimally or even not at all. It could be due to social awkwardness or not knowing how much he or she should talk. Either way, basic communication is expected when ringing for a team. If you are unsure, ask. Do they want you target calling or IGLing? Depending on what you are ringing for, sometimes they do. If you are uncomfortable doing something, the team will be accepting of it 99% of the time. Just let them know, and provide at the least informational calls.

Take it Seriously

Maybe the scrim is not going well. Perhaps the other team is miles better. You may be destroying them. Either way, take it seriously. The other eleven players are trying to learn. Do not waste their time by trolling or hindering the outcome of the practice. In my personal experience, we once had a player play Torbjorn only and would only use hammer (I will not name anyone, but this person is now in Contenders).

It is not just disruptive, it is also rude.

Don’t Coach or Be Too Controlling

You are entering an environment that is not your own. This is not the place to coach people or try to take over strategies. Normally, it will be viewed as obnoxious. Let the IGL make the plays. Allow the team to do their normal routine. If you want to give feedback, ask first. The ringer that comes in trying to own the place is the ringer that will typically not be liked.

Using another personal example, I once had a ringer come in and try to strat call over me and was incredibly annoyed that we were not going with his strats. This is a great way to ruins someone’s scrim.

It Goes Both Ways

All of these tips can be used inversely for the team who needs the ringer. Do not leave you ringer in the dark about things. If you have certain set plays you want to practice, let the ringer know. Give him or her the information needed to perform optimally. Take it seriously so your ringer knows that he or she should as well. You do not need to coach. Allow the ringer to play without pressure, and only instruct for strategic purposes.

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