POWER moves, for POWERHAUS, in 2021

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POWERHAUS Friends and Family,

These last few weeks have been a bit rough losing some of our favorite Owners in their official staff member capacity.  While they are still here with us, as friends, supporters, and gamers, it goes without saying that there is no way to replace the dedication and leadership brought to us these past few years by Parker, Jordan, and Dylan.  We will miss the value they brought to our community immensely.

That being said, we will not let this loss deter us from continuing to push towards being a gaming community we can all be proud of.

As we’ve briefly discussed with our staff, and now all of you, we do intend to change directions a bit in terms of what our goals will be here at POWERHAUS, and how we intend to achieve them.  Competitive Teams will no longer be our major focus as a community.  While we have loved all our teams over the years, and enjoyed watching them compete, our team has concluded that we have a bigger passion for the community, and gaming in general, than just the competitive aspects we once focused around.  For that reason, we will begin pursuing a new marketing strategy geared towards in-HAUS events and our wonderful stream team.

Over the past two weeks we have been rapidly moving over our assets to new servers, but we are just about wrapped up with those essential changes and can begin working towards our new goals.

We are pleased to announce that a previous Founder, and Owner, Aaron (NoUNO), will be rejoining the Ownership Team and helping make these changes possible.  Additionally, the work Marisa (OhNoPorkchop) has done over the past years keeping our Teams organized and our Twitter active has been instrumental.  We are thrilled to be bringing her on in the newly created Administration role.  We believe she will continue to be an irreplaceable team member, able to provide our community with an exceptional level of leadership and attentiveness.

In the coming weeks look out for other important announcements, as well as some considerable website and user role changes.  There is still a lot to get done, but we are moving fast, and with a plan we are quite confident will be highly popular with our entire community.  Many new roles and opportunities are on the horizon – if joining our team in an official capacity is something that may interest some of you, I strongly advised you stay tuned, we will be looking to expand our staff presence significantly!  Assets that were once mundane, left to gather dust and lost to time, will now be let out into the sun to truly shine, and we hope to have many of you here to help us do it!

2020 was not a great year for a lot of us, for a vast number of reasons; a global pandemic at the root of many of them.  With that being said… 2021, POWERHAUS is coming back with vengeance!  We look forward to sharing that success with all of you.

Best Regards,
-Your Leadership Team