Not For Normies Invitational Day 2 Recap

POSTED BY Neowyld October 17, 2018 in Overwatch Esports News
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Day 2 has concluded, and there was a lot to cover. Keeping the intro quick, there were some upsets and a lot of excitement. Since the post is a bit lengthy, feel free to skip around a bit.

@TrinocGames@vowelsqq@LemonKiwi_, and @Lafonh casted the action, making the display colorful and entertaining.

Round 3

Path to Poverty vs Team LiViD

The first match was underway as Oasis started of day two of the tournament. Path to Poverty (a team that as gone under many names over the course of five months), was expected to win as they were the higher seed and the more established team. However, the first map suggested otherwise as Team LiViD took Garden in somewhat of a close fashion, and then they closed it out by winning City Center with ease. Busan Mekabase followed and once again, Team LiViD continued their domination. Bow and Rocker were absolutely rocking the Zenyatta variation of GOATs that P2P were running. They managed to hold until 69%, but they could not regain this power. P2P took their turn on defense, and it was scrappy. After nearly losing the fight, they pulled it back with a huge Earthshatter from Jolfe. Downtown was next and it started off in strong favor for Path to Poverty. Their control of space and strength in resource management completely stumped LiViD. Even after a 3k hail Mary Self Destruct from Salty, LiViD failed to even cap. P2P took Busan 2-0.

Even Stevens now, and it was Hanamura to decide the match. More tank-heavy comps dominated and P2P started on the attack. BigAll was a left click-bash hero as he burst through LiViD as Brigitte. They capped first easily. The only reason second did not get rolled was because of a huge momentum shift caused by Rocker’s Doomfist. But LiViD only delayed the inevitable as Path to Poverty rammed in with Graviton and cleaned up the defenders. 4:18 remained on the clock.

After one failed push from LiViD, they learned their lesson and put DunkZ in to do what he does best: swing. His Reinhardt pushed straight through Jolfe’s, and they took first point. It was Path to Poverty, however, who seemed to have ultimates or trades every single fight. Even when things looked good for LiViD, hardly anything ever came of it. Two ticks were capped, but it was Path to Poverty to move on to semifinals.

Clarity vs !LFT

The first seed took on the fourth in the quarterfinals, and in a shocking turn of events, the fourth seed came out on top. Clarity went up against !LFT who had beaten Who? the previous night. It was expected for the first seed and previous champions to win, but they had drawn even after two maps. On the third, it was in fact !LFT on top and moving to semifinals against Path to Poverty. Clarity was sent to the lower bracket to go up against We Showed Up. This match was played off stream.

Round 3 Lower

Team LiViD vs Horizon Zenith

From the view of flex support, Jbright, we saw Zenith take on LiViD who had just lost to Path to Poverty. It started off on Lijiang Night Market. Of course, we saw tanks, tanks, and more tanks on both sides. LiViD was determined to bounce back from their round 3 loss, and they came in with a bang. They capped first and managed to hold the point the entire time. Control Center followed and was in favor of Zenith on the back of a huge biotic grenade by Jbright. Halfway through, LiViD retook with ultimates. Zenith failed to retake.

Kings Row was brought to us for the first time tonight. Biotic nades were traded, but it was LiViD’s attack which followed up on theirs. A couple frags came out from Antol’s Lucio which pushed Zenith back, allowing LiViD to cap. From there, LiViD pushed through the second point quite easily as well, but Zenith held for quite some time on third. It forced LiViD to take third with under a minute remaining.

Zenith seemed to struggle on their attack, but Seedro made up for all their woes with a huge Earthshatter to take first. Second point was choppy for them. They managed to take it another full usage of time. The same problems occurred in third, and their bracket hopes lay in the ballads of overtime where they managed to push from the start of the phase to the end.

Extra rounds were upon them and Zenith attacked. Their push was not nearly as flawed, as they took first in the initial fight. Good ultimate management followed through second. If it was not for DunkZ’s slam, Zenith would have probably pushed all three points in overtime.

On LiViD’s attack, they showed Zenith just what an overtime push looked like. In a nearly identical situation, LiViD managed ultimates perfectly and executed just as such. However, unlike Zenith, they never stopped. They met their opponents’ distance and won the match.

Clarity vs We Showed Up

With a trip to Japan, a Hanamura match started it off. We Showed Up started off on the attack and were granted access to point for free. They utilized this space to maximize control of the point and cap first easily. Clarity was not the team to get rolled. With a clean dive, they immediately stopped the momentum of We Showed up. The next fight, We Showed Up demonstrated their skill with brawling compositions. It was complete destruction on the point, and We Showed Up capped with a whopping 5:26 remaining.

Clarity’s attack took nearly all their time, and after capping first, they were already down by over a minute. Point B was going well for We Showed Up, but things changed when they seemed to turn their brains off. EMP and Nanoblade both failed to get value and ended up causing the players to feed themselves. This allowed Clarity to take a won fight they may not have gotten otherwise. They capped with 2:13 remaining.

Clarity, with the lower time, attacked again. This time, they took first rather quickly. We Showed up were ready for second point this time. With no mistakes, they won two fights and prevented a second point cap.

We Showed Up took first with ease again. However, Clarity learned from their mistakes and held second point for over four minutes. After all that time, after all those fights, Clarity forced a draw. The draw would be decided by a best-of-one on Nepal Shrine, and that went to Clarity.

Lijiang Garden was next for the teams. In a battle of mechanics, Clarity, now up 1-0, took the first cap with their double main support Pharah composition. At 99%, We Showed Up took the point for themselves. Clarity were not out of it yet, and after a strange occurence of about three people “falling” off the map, they took the round for themselves.

On Control Center, We Showed Up took the point first but immediately lost it after overextending. They came back to flip it for themselves once more with proper usage of ultimates. Then they grabbed this one to bring it to Night Market.

It was the final round which determined whether it would be a map 3 or if Clarity moved on to the next round. Clarity was ready for everything We Showed Up threw at them on this map. With a perfect 100%-0%, Clarity took the series 2-0 and knocked their opponents out of the tournament.

Round 4 Lower

Team LiViD vs Clarity

Kings Row is what started off the lower bracket semifinals (which were now best-of-5). It started as if Clarity was going to give us another full hold treat. This was not the case. It seem like an oxymoron, but Rocker is incredibly skilled on Brigitte. This set his team up to take first. LiViD grinded through second and then third with ten seconds remaining on the clock.

In a scrappy fight, Clarity took first in the initial attack. LiViD managed to hold for several attacks, only succumbing to Clarity when the defense had failed in ultimate usage. Still, as the payload approached the checkpoint, LiViD were able to fend Clarity off yet again. It took off a good chunk of time, but Clarity were able to cap. In the final organized fight of the map, Clarity entered with an ultimate advantage. Third point was just around the corner, but they failed to execute. Amadien was unable to cast Graviton, and DunkZ hit a massive slam to shut down his enemy’s win conditions. LiViD took the map 3-2.

Lijiang Tower came next. LiViD took Garden 100%-64% in a strong brawl. Control Center followed with an incredibly even match. It started with Clarity on top, but LiViD retook about three quarters into the round. Once LiViD reached 99%, Clarity flipped it back. The final fight approached, and it went in favor of LiViD who took the map.

It was 2-0 and on to Route 66. They were only a map away from conclusion, but Clarity put up a fight. They prevented LiViD from capping third. Then they put up their own offensive show to match their distance and send it to the fourth map.

Oasis Garden started off the first round of the fourth map. It began with a cap from Clarity, but it quickly flipped at 19%. LiViD dragged it out for a while, and after a flip and a retake, LiViD took the round. University was next. It began with a drawn out fight in favor of LiViD. From there, it was domination. LiViD held the entire time and won 100%-0% and knocked out the former champions.

The final scoreline was 3-1.

Bracket after day 2

Team LiViD have moved on to the lower semifinals and are awaiting the upper semifinals match which will both occur on Monday along with the finals match. Will the tried and tested Path to Poverty move on to the finals, or will !LFT continue their hot streak? This is what we will see come Monday, when the three teams face off again.

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