Not For Normies Invitational Day 1 Recap

POSTED BY Neowyld October 16, 2018 in Overwatch Esports News
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The first day of the Not for Normies Invitational kicked off as ten Tier 3 teams demonstrated why they are the best in the scene. Streamed on Broadcastgg and casted by Iholdshift and Vowels (and a later appearance of Sudsnbubbles), the tournament proceeded with style. Teams had two chances to make it to the finals as this was a double elimination, best-of-three competition. A couple notable names participating were Team Clarity and Who?. Both participated in Jayne’s Tier 3 Invitational not too long ago. It also featured performances by fourteen year-old top 500 prodigy, Ultraviolet, and a phenomenal Reinhardt by Dunkz. This is some of the talent we could see in the upcoming Open Division season.

Round 1

Discount Avengers vs Horizon Zenith

Over on the HorizonOverwatch broadcast (where all Zenith’s matches were streamed), Discount Avengers faced off against Horizon Zenith. Zenith was attacking on Kings Row, and things started off strong. They rolled through first point and managed to push through second. The struggle came on third where they could not break Discount Avenger’s defense. Zenith failed to cap third, and it was the Avengers’ turn to attack. They pushed through menacingly and took the points with ease. Discount Avengers took Kings Row by pushing farther than their opponents.

Lijiang Tower started off with a decisive round for Zenith. They capped Night Market and denied Discount Avengers any sort of cap. However, they could not repeat their performance. Discount Avengers took Control Center in a close showdown. Then they went on to take Gardens as well.

University of Toronto vs Hybrid eSports NA

It was a close, off-stream match to determine who made it into the match against top seed Clarity. University of Toronto was seeded 8th in this tournament while Hybrid eSports was 9th. Each team took a map and forced it into game three. It was the lower seed who prevailed. Hybrid went on to play Clarity while UofT fell to the lower bracket.

Round 2

We Showed Up vs Team LiViD

It was a battle of tanks as each team favored compositions weighted with beefy heroes. We Showed Up (formerly known as eVo eSports), featured the young Ultraviolet, a flex support player who has reached rank 36 this season playing mostly Ana.

It started off with Kings Row and LiViD on the attack. They struggled for some time as they grinded through first and second. However, they persevered and absolutely rolled through third to cap with 1:43 remaining despite some huge biotic nades by Ultraviolet. On the flipside, We Showed Up performed the opposite. They stormed through first and second and struggled on third.  They struggled so much as to fail to cap, and LiViD took the map.

Next was Junkertown, and it was completely lopsided. LiViD full held with barely any contest. Their magnificent defense set up an attack that was just as good. LiViD decisively took Junkertown and knocked We Showed Up to the lower bracket.

Clarity vs Hybrid eSports NA

Hybrid had their work cut out for them as they were up against the champions against the previous winners of the NFN Invitational. Kings Row was first (of course) and Hybrid on the attack. They walked out with a Pharah Mercy composition, a set of heroes that is becoming weaker and weaker. The lack of strength in the strategy showed as Clarity perpetually destroyed the attackers every single fight. Ultimawep’s Doomfist was purely unstoppable. Clarity ended up full holding and then easily won with a full dive comp.

Junkertown sparked a little hope for the underdogs. Hybrid slid straight through the first phase like a hot knife through butter. Second point, however, was an area heavily favored toward Clarity. For a considerable length of time, Clarity stopped push after push. Their defense finally broke in overtime. It looked bright for Hybrid, but they all stepped off the point for a glorious C9.

On attack, Clarity pulled out an incredibly cheesy pirate ship strategy with two sails. Orisa held the front while Reinhardt blocked the behind. An uncontested Amadien Mowed down the members of Hybrid eSports as they tried to stop the behemoths. Clarity’s composition was finally put to a hold on second point. This caused them to promptly swap to full dive. After a couple fights, Clarity were able to pull through, take Junkertown, and win the match.

Path to Poverty vs Discount Avengers

Off stream for round 2, Path to Poverty faced off against Discount Avengers. The map scores are unknown, but Path to Poverty won with a convincing 2-0 scoreline.

LFT! Vs Who?

It was a close first match for both teams, but it was LFT! who stood above their opponents. Who? (Not We Have Org) were just not quite in it today. With a 2-1 scoreline, LFT! took the match.

Round 1 (Lower)

Who? vs Horizon Zenith

It was time to determine who would be eliminated from the tournament. Zenith attacked first on Dorado, and it was quite the struggle. Taking all their time, they capped first in overtime. Already drained on both time and ultimates, Zenith failed to cap second. This enabled Who? to take Dorado with ease.

On to Hanamura, it almost seemed like another struggle for Zenith who once again attacked. It took three minutes, but they capped first and completely changed the pace of the game. They went from struggling to rolling as they capped second with 4:19 remaining. On Who?’s attack, they performed well on first point. Things changed once second point came around. It seemed their focus fire was struggling because they kept failing to clean up. Eventually, they capped with 1:48. In extra rounds, Zenith scrappily full held and capped on their attack to win Hanamura.

In a strange turn of maps, Busan followed. Meka base flipped back and forth, but it was Zenith who would win 100%-80%. Downtown came next, and Zenith were a round away from moving on. Despite Who? capping first, it was Zenith who took it back and held it to continue through the lower bracket.

We Showed Up vs University of Toronto

Another off stream match brought two of the upper bracket losses together. We Showed Up finally turned it up and sent the collegiate team packing with a 2-0 scoreline. 

Round 2 (Lower)

We Showed Up vs Discount Avengers

Kings Row… again. We Showed Up had a rough start but managed to get through both first and second point before Discount Avengers held them at third. It was up to the cheap superheroes to match that distance, and they did so with fashion. They rolled through first and second before fighting their way to secure third.

With a breath of fresh air, Lijiang Tower was the battleground for the two teams. We Showed Up definitely showed up strong on Control Center, putting up a perfect 100%-0% score. Garden was the next round, and it was one that could have gone either way. Discount Avengers took the percentage to 99% before We Showed Up stripped it from them. We Showed Up then took the map for the taking by holding to 100%.

Oasis was the decider. We Showed Up continued to demonstrated prowess on the control maps as they took City Center with another perfect score. University went back and forth, but in an incredibly even match-up, it was Discount Avengers to take the round. On the last round of the final map, Garden stood to judge the two teams. After some miracle defenses by We Showed Up, they took the map and the match.

Hybrid eSports NA vs Horizon Zenith

We traveled to China once again to fight on Lijiang Tower. Hybrid eSports put up a strong start on Control Center as they held to 99%. However, Zenith took it right from them and pulled the same defense off as they did but better. 100% to 99% for Zenith. Garden followed, and it was once again in favor of Zenith, and they took the map.

They next competed on Hanamura where Zenith capped both with 3:48 remaining. Their defense was just as strong as their attack, and thanks to Kashir dishing out tons of damage and Jbright healing all incoming attacks, Zenith was a cement wall. But sometimes, even the strongest walls turn to debris. After multiple attacks, Hybrid were able to best Zenith’s first point hold. This was not the case for second as the wall was rebuilt and stood even taller. Hybrid were only able to cap a tick, and Zenith moved on to day 2.

Here is a look at the bracket:

Grabbed from the NFN tournament bracket.

The first day was fantastic, and day 2 is starting at 8 P.M Eastern. Catch them live on and HorizonOverwatch. Thank you to @NotNormiesOW for organizing this tournament.

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