NFN Tier 3 Invitational Final Recap

POSTED BY Neowyld October 23, 2018 in Overwatch Esports News
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Two five map games. Extraordinary plays. The prime of Tier 3. The Not for Normies Tier 3 Invitational concluded on its final day which featured three teams battling to close out one of the most exciting amateur tournaments to date. Every match was down-to-the-wire. Every play was a gift to the eyes. If you missed these matches, you must go back and watch the VODs on BroadcastGG.

Path to Poverty vs !LFT (Semifinals)

Lijiang Tower

!LFT started the best-of-five semifinals off strongly with a first cap on Lijiang Garden. It took awhile, but Path to Poverty capped at 93%. From good ultimate usage, the defense became easy for Path to Poverty, and they took the first round 100%-93%.

Night Market proceeded. This time P2P capped first and denied space from !LFT. The next couple fights were a series of !LFT running into a brick wall for about a minute straight. Nothing they did could get value against P2P’s defense. The final contest approached, but !LFT was distracted by their setup and failed to touch the point. Path to Poverty won Lijiang 2-0.

Horizon Lunar Colony

The next map was Horizon Lunar colony. !LFT attacked with a triple tank dive which drove straight through Path to Poverty’s first point defense. A few minutes passed where the attackers struggled, but !LFT managed to cap second with 3:28 remaining.

It was not instant, but it did not take long for Path to Poverty take first point with full dive. It was scrappy and took several fights. Eventually, P2P capped third with 4:05 remaining.

Extra rounds now and !LFT was on the attack with the lesser time. They took first quickly with Pharah Mercy dive. P2P clutched a few second point defenses and drew the time bank all the way to overtime before !LFT were able to cap.

!LFT’s defense was nearly unstoppable. P2P simply could not dive into it until the very end of their time. They had to cap second in one fight due to this. It was a great feat, and they managed to snowball second after a rough first point attack.

It was a minute and four seconds against a minute. Path to Poverty the former, defended, and !LFT, the latter attacked first. The attackers held their W keys and ran over the dive defense. They nearly were able to do the same on second, but respawns came through to kill !LFT’s momentum. 70.3% was the goal for P2P.

!LFT tried to hide to start of their defense, but it was only met by a confused P2P who just walked by them to the point and began capping. They rolled first and had second in their sights, and they did the same exact thing on the back of the Graviton Surge from Dove to win Horizon.


It took all four minutes for !LFT to get the payload rolling, and once it did, they completely rolled second point. However, it was P2P to control the pace of the fight on third for the majority of the time. In a final overtime push, P2P retook with respawns and stopped !LFT a few meters before the checkpoint.

P2P also performed less than optimally on their attack. They had less than a minute after first point, and they had to grind through second and third. The grind appeared to be too great as !LFT prevented them from reaching their distance.


Villlage was the first round. It was completly lopsided toward !LFT running the Pharah which got major value. They won 100%-0%.

Again, !LFT capped first, and they managed to hold it until 86%. However, they retook easily on the back of some insane frags from KC!. They then closed out the map with clutch kills. Even Ojee got in on the action on the Battle Mercy. Game five was upon us.


The Mexican city of Dorado gave us the decider. !LFT started off with a very strong first point attack. They took first point easily. Second point was more difficult as they faced Path to Poverty’s strong map control. It took !LFT until overtime to move on to third. Nothing seemed to die in the final fight, and after minutes of overtime, Path to Poverty prevented !LFT from capping third.

!LFT had reverse sweep on their minds. A really good push meant all they needed was a decent defense. A swinging Jolfe took P2P through first and the majority of second. Dove’s EMP took them to third, and all they needed was to meet !LFT’s distance. In the words of Iholdshift, “Path to Poverty reigned supreme” to take Dorado, kill the reverse sweep, and won the match 3-2 to go to finals.

!LFT vs Team LiViD (Lower Bracket Finals)

Horizon Lunar Colony

!LFT started us off with another triple tank dive which pummeled LiViD. They took first point with ease and were on to second. After a lost fight, !LFT came back with a McCree to cap with 4:54 remaining.

LiViD opted for a more a more traditional triple tank as they ran the Ana variation of GOATs. They outlasted the defense on first point. It took several fights, but LiViD took second with 4:22 on the clock.

The previous team attacked again. It was a difficult road, but LiViD once again took first point. Second point took up the rest of their time, but they were able to take both points and keep their chances in the ballads.

!LFT sought to cap both points with at least a minute remaining to prevent !LiViD from taking another attack. Once again they took first point quickly. They moved on to second and accomplished their goal as they capped with 2:28.

All !LFT needed was a first point tick to win the map. They did as such with the triple tank dive and dominated to take Horizon for themselves.


University intiated the control mode, and LiViD absolutely stormed through. They capped first, and DunkZ hit a huge slam the next fight. If it was not for Ojee killing three in the last fight, LiViD would have won 100%-0%, but !LFT took it at 99%. LiViD was not accepting this, however. They came back and immediately took it back to win 100%-42%.

City Center came and again it was LiViD on top. A repeat of the previous round occurred as !LFT flipped in overtime. Again, it only took one fight for LiViD to retake and grab Oasis to draw the match score even.

Lijiang Tower

They began on Control Center with some incredibly tanky compositions. LiViD continued to show their strength on control maps as they capped first and dragged percentage out to 68%. !LFT did a great job at holding, but they fell to LiViD’s attack on the back of another huge slam from DunkZ. LiViD took the round 100% to 96%.

On Garden, it was !LFT who were pushing their opponents away. They capped first and forced LiViD to sawp to the Zenyatta variation of GOATs. They won the next hold off Iron’s 4k Self Destruct and closed out the round easily 100%-0%.

An even scoreline took us to Night Market. LiViD absolutely dominated the first fight after DunkZ charged a slam in just a few seconds. A Graviton won them the next fight, but they lost the point when Ojee booped DunkZ into a bad position. This gave !LFT the opportunity to kill DunkZ and take the point at 89%. LiViD came in to retake, and it looked like they were going to take the map, but Ojee completely carried with a double boop to win the fight and map.


!LFT attacked first and used Sombra scouting to ensure they did not fall to LiViD’s shannangins as they hid in the hotel. It was a long and scrappy reengage, but !LFT were able to cap the point after a three minute fight. Second point was a struggle, but they managed to pull through. Third point was too much, and LiViD held.

LiViD failed their first attack, but the second was strong. They pushed !LFT back into the cafe and blocked them from contesting. Their next series of attacks tore straight into their opponents. With offensive prowess, they snowballed through second and third to take the match to another map five.


LiViD were able to snag a lot of time on first defense, but it was only a matter of time before !LFT capped. After a few bumps in the road, !LFT took second point and nearly third as well. Unfortunately for them, LiViD held right before the final point.

It took a couple minutes before LiViD capped first. !LFT was doing well on every defensive fight, but LiViD drifted along slowly. They passed second point, but the checkpoint seemed to be too far as !LFT held and moved on to the finals in a rematch againt Path to Poverty.

Path to Poverty vs !LFT (Grand Finals)

Lijiang Tower

Garden kicked off our finals, and it was !LFT on top for the initial cap. Control did not last long as Path to Poverty turned it back at 44% in a straight brawl. Their defense lasted until 99% when !LFT retook. In the final fight, Path to Poverty returned with an EMP and a Self Destruct to snag it back at the last second and win the round.

Control Center followed suit, and it was !LFT to control at the start. Again, it was short lived as P2P unleashed ultimates to take it for themselves. Halfway through the time, !LFT flipped it. Fights kept going back and forth until !LFT stood tall and won 100%-99%.

Night Market was our first map finale, and this time it was Path to Poverty to establish early dominance. !LFT flipped at 75%, but P2P do not enjoy lack of control. They retook at 36% and closed out the map 100% to 36%.


Path to Poverty was absolutely in charge of this map. They easily full held their opponents as !LFT could not figure out a way to break the defense. Then they completely rolled through !LFT’s defense to win the map and bring it to match point.


Ruins started it off and P2P claimed the point first. !LFT took it back at 46% after getting a pick on BigAll. Again it was switched at 41% when P2P retook. Path to Poverty held until 99% before losing it once again. In the final fight, Path to Poverty won off the back of an EMP and won the first round 100% to 73%.

On Lighthouse, it was !LFT to begin ticking. At 99%, it seemed !LFT were to end the round, but Anghell1c skated by to touch the point as the rest of Path to Poverty wiped the enemy. It did not last long before !LFT won a fight and took the round 100% to 47%.

Well started off with a cap from P2P before a fight even broke out. At 21%, !LFT won the fight and capped in return. They held until 97% before Path to Poverty won a prolonged fight on point. With an opening boop from Ojee, !LFT were able to roll into the point and take the map 2-1.


It looked grim for !LFT on their attack, but after pulling out a well-timed EMP and Self Destruct, they took first point with less than a minute remaining. After several failed attacks, !LFT capitalized on a mistake made by P2P (Jolfe curiously swapped to Hog) and closed out their first attack with 1:10 on the clock.

Path to Poverty had an average first point attack, capping after just half their time. Second point was much better of a showing. They snowballed straight through and capped second with 4:43 remaining.

!LFT thrived under pressure. They sped in quickly and capped first without a hitch. However, they ran straight into Dove’s EMP on second point and a boat load of armor from BigAll. They failed to cap second.

Path to Poverty saw their goal. They were only a point and a third away from victory. There was a huge time advantage, but !LFT brought out a Bastion to try and mow them down. It worked for about a minute and a half, but P2P capped and had three and a half minutes to cap second. They moved on to second with determination. It did not take long for them to push through, take space on the point, and frag out. Path to Poverty took the point, the match, and the tournament.

Here are the final results:

Image grabbed from the bracket page.

A big thanks goes out to @NotNormiesOW for organizing such a magnificent Tier 3 tournament, and to @BroadcastGG for hosting it. Tournament play at this level is something that is incredibly lacking. But the fun is not over so soon. Not for Normies is hosting another tournament TONIGHT at 8 PM Eastern which will feature a mixed level of play. Teams of various skills will face off against each other to determine who can come out on top.

For updates and engagements, follow me on Twitter @Neowyld.