NA Trials News: Roster Announcements, Where to Watch, And GGEA Drops

POSTED BY Neowyld October 5, 2018 in Overwatch Esports News
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With Contenders Trials coming up, multiple North American teams have refreshed and announced their rosters.

These teams include:

  • Skyfoxes
  • GOATs
  • Second Wind
  • Phase 2

Additionally, Shu’s Money Crew (The Open Division Champions) have made an emphasis on the fact that they are going into Trials with the same roster that they went through Open Division with.

Some notable pickups include Samito to Phase 2 as a substitute DPS, Nomy (Ex-Shock) to GOATs as Main Tank, and K1ng (the fourteen-year-old DPS prodigy who shone in Jayne’s T3 Invitational) to Skyfoxes. It will be interesting to see how these acquired players will impact the most important tournament on the Path to Pro.

Phase 2’s Roster Announcement

With that said, Contenders Trials North America will unfortunately not be broadcasted professionally, but Coluge, the flex tank for GOATs, has announced on Twitter that he will be streaming his team’s matches starting at 2 P.M. Eastern on Saturday, October 6. This should give viewers a great perspective on the inner communications of a team fighting to reach Contenders and a look at what we can expect for next season.

It happened quietly, but it appears that U4 is now going by the name Euphoria.

Finally, it has been rumored that GGEA Academy (the academy team in association with the Houston Outlaws) has dropped out of Trials, and every team in the tournament has received a free win. It is unknown the reasoning for this, but speculation suggests that they have either bought a Contenders spot, or they will be picking up a roster that qualifies after this Trials.

Tweet from Maid about GGEA

You can watch Coluge stream his Trials matches here.

And you can preview the tournament and participants on the OWCT Liquipedia Page.