N3rd Street Announce Fusion Overwatch Showcase

POSTED BY Neowyld October 10, 2018 in Overwatch Esports News
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Fusion Overwatch Showcase

N3rd Street Gamers is pulling it together again for another Fusion Showcase tournament. On November 10 and 11, sixteen teams will battle it out for a chance of winning from the $3,600 prize pool. The event will take place at the LocalHost Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The event fee, will be $75 per player, but it will be entirely worth it. Even if you do not win, LAN experience is something teams and coaches look at, and it is an incredible experience regardless of the resume benefits.

We last saw the Fusion Showcase during the TooManyGames event located at The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center starting on June 22 and ending on June 24. It featured eight teams (including your very own POWERHAUS) which demonstrated some amazing Overwatch. One of these teams which went by the name Screenwave Media included highly known names such as Kephrii and Samito. Many other members of the community also attended the event, and it was a popular success.

Screenwave Media after winning the Fusion Showcase

Important Information

Computers will be provided, however, N3rd Street have emphasized the requirement to bring earbuds and your other peripheral items (mouse, keyboard, headset) to the event. They do not provide this equipment, and the earbuds are necessary to hear game and communication volume while also wearing noise-cancelling headsets while on stage.

Each match is going to be best-of-one all the way up until the grand finals. However, the tournament is double elimination, meaning teams are guaranteed at least two matches. The in-game rules will follow what the Overwatch League has implemented. This will likely mean competitive ruleset and no killcam.

The prize pool is 3,600, but it will be broken up between the top three finishing teams. First place will receive the largest cut of $2,160, followed by second with $1,080, and third with $360. There is serious money on the line for serious competitors.

It will be good to start preparing now, but N3rd Street have said that they will not announce seeding or the schedule until a week prior to the event occurring. This is the same as they had done previously in June.

A Sign of Things to Come…

An hour before N3rd Street Gamers announced the tournament on their Twitter, John Fazio (CEO) tweeted out this meme:

While this could be perceived as an attempt to hype up the announcement of the current tournament, it appears that the image depicted is not the LocalHost Arena. While this could mean that the image was just something he downloaded off the internet in order to make a quality meme, it could also be the leaked venue of a future tournament. Perhaps it will be one far greater than the Overwatch community has seen in a while. How many GTX 1080s are we talking here? If N3rd Street has something bigger in mind, then we cannot wait to see what they have in store for us.

You can sign up for the tournament yourself by going to their event page.

To keep up with the event and other activities run by Nerd Street, follow their Twitter @N3rdStGamers.

To watch the matches, catch N3rdStGamers broadcasting live on Twitch when the time comes.