MykL Acquired By Phase 2

POSTED BY Neowyld October 9, 2018 in Overwatch Esports News

Phase 2’s announcement of mykL

At 5:54 P.M. Eastern time, Phase 2 announced their acquisition of mykL as head coach. This came unexpectedly as mykL has not been in the competitive area of the game for quite some time. Presently, mykL has been focusing on streaming and being a “leak god” as he brought suspenseful and exciting news about professional pickups before it was even announced.

In the past, mykL was known for being a skilled Overwatch player, and one could catch him playing his signature heroes of Tracer and Teams he most notably played for included Splyce and Kungarna. As his playing career began to fade, mykL transitioned from player to full time general manager and owner of Kungarna. After some less than successful endeavors, mykL drifted away from his involvement and became more of an entertainer and personality. With that, his YouTube and Twitch streams have gathered many viewers to tune in and hear the voice of a man with many connections in the Overwatch esports scene.

Phase 2 is currently 3-0 in Contenders Trials and are expected to qualify for next season of Contenders. Time will tell what impact mykL will have on the results his team creates in these upcoming matches and if mykL still has what it takes to make it in the business. If he was able to snag this spot as head coach, clearly it may seem so.

As for IBcrazy, the former head coach, he has moved to an assistant coach role while BestStudent has been announced as the performance coach. Wizo stands as team manager.

Phase 2 are already an excellent team, and they are putting up high performance numbers as it is. If mykL can utilize his staff and bring together the skills of incredibly gifted players, there is a great chance that we may see Phase 2 far surpassing other Trials teams as well as possibly overtaking Contenders teams.

You can follow Phase 2’s Twitter for more updates @Phase2OW.