Dian Fossey Charity Event

POSTED BY POWERHAUS March 1, 2019 in Rainbow 6 Siege
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Last weekend we hosted our first tournament of the year. The purpose of the event was to raise money for gorillas. Ultimately, we are astonished at the incredible amount of support we received. We received donations from many viewers and participants.

Our initial goal of a modest $100 was smashed before the first round had even begun. Casters were not even live and already, two participants donated $100 each. By the end of the tournament, we raised a total of $1,445.10 USD ($1373.05 in cash money, $15.00 in subscriptions and $57.05 in bits). Of course, all proceeds will be donated to the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, with the intention of “adopting” as many gorillas as we can get our hands on. 🦍

Now, obviously we’re not actually going to adopt and house a bunch of gorillas, as hilarious and downright insane as that would be. But, by symbolically adopting through the foundation, we will be sent documentation, photos, and videos from the fund’s conservation efforts, which we will absolutely share with our followers.

The Tournament

For this event, we ran a 2v2 rule set with a bracket limit of 64 players. Entrants included former Powerhaus R6 team members, staff members, some pro players, and a great number of new faces. The bracket winners were as follows:

  1. RiskyDuo – Choice of 6 Koyo Pins + 2 Season Coins + 3600 Rainbow 6 Credits
  2. The Gunners of oC – Choice of 4 Koyo Pins + 2 Season Coins + 2400 Rainbow 6 Credits
  3. 5 Muskytears (2 Man) – Choice of 2 Koyo Pins + 1200 Rainbow 6 Credits

Congratulations to our top 3 duos and we hope you enjoy your prizes! The full standings are given below:

Our Sponsors

A special thank you goes out to our sponsors, The Koyo Store for providing the pins as part of the prize pool, and the B-Leaguers Podcast for providing casting talent courtesy of Flynn and Stoax.

What’s Next?

With our first tournament of the year officially under wraps, you may be wondering what’s next. Just before the start of this last one, we had dozens of teams that were not able to enter due to limits on our bracket size. Rest assured that we have more planned for the near future, and everyone who missed out on competing last time will absolutely have an opportunity to test themselves again.

We’re not stopping at casual charity events either. We’re also not stopping at Rainbow Six Siege. Throughout the year, we’ll be hosting a variety of events, competitive and casual, across multiple games, with prizes ranging from neat merchandise (soon™) to cash. Stay tuned, because we’re just getting started!