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POSTED BY Neowyld September 26, 2018 in Overwatch Esports News
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Fourteen teams signed up for the Academy Gaming Weekly #122. Two teams became finalists, and one team took it all for bragging rights. This week that team is Ben Shapiro’s Epic Elite, a 4.3k SR average team who finished 23rd in season three of Open Division. In this tournament, their roster consisted of Dogefighter as main tank, Potato! as flex tank, Honeybadger as flex DPS, Khry as the hitscan DPS, and Marshall and Hugerez as supports. Streamed on ns_productions and casted by Hx9 and Rien, BSEE put up quite the performance and copped themselves a weekly title.

Off stream, BSEE faced off against Team Unknown GG in a best-of-one on Rialto. Team Unknown averages around 4k SR, and BSEE took the round of 16 after holding on third and pushing the distance.

Moving on to their opponent by the name of New England Whalers (4.2k SR), the quarterfinals proved to be a bit tougher than the previous match, and it was even described by Khry to be, “…way more difficult than the semi-finals or finals.” Unfortunately, this map was off the air as well.

In a best-of-three featuring the maps Horizon Lunar Colony, Hollywood, and Kings Row, the teams split even each with a map to their name. New England stole Horizon decisively, and BSEE just barely took Hollywood in a 5-4 finish during overtime. Kings Row was the decider, and as seen in the match after this one, that particular map was a strength to Ben Shapiro’s Epic Elite. They took the map with fashion and moved on to the semis.

Gold Team

Next, they played Gold Team. According to Hx9, they are a collegiate team from the University of Central Florida. As underdogs in this match-up, they planned to take this to the finals. However, Ben Shapiro’s Epic Elite plotted to smash this idea.

On the attack BSEE dominated space and overwhelmed Gold Team’s unorthodox Moira + Ana defense. Dogefighter found himself getting as much space as he wanted, and the backline was untouchable. They capped first without a hitch.

During streets phase, Santa did his absolute best on Doomfist to try and retake, but Ben Shapiro’s Epic Elite’s team play was too strong. The two eliminations he managed to take were in vain as the rest of his team was slammed by a Reinhardt powered by nano boost. After cleaning up with ease, BSEE fended off another attempt at taking control of cart with a graviton combo, and moved toward third.

It took two caps for Gold Team to swap their healers up. They pulled out Brigitte in place of Moira, but by then it was too late. Ben Shapiro’s Epic Elite had the momentum and understood their win conditions. Dogefighter solo-slammed Heron, Gold Team’s Zarya player, preventing him from casting Graviton Surge. Moisty attempted to maintain space, but died along with his tank partner.

Without space or combo potential, Gold Team’s Dragonblade and Meteor Strike attained no value, and BSEE capped third with a clean time of 4:30 on the clock.

On defense, Ben Shapiro’s Epic Elite dominated. Nearly full holding, they stopped push after push to deny any capture percentage against them. It was only after five ultimates were used that Gold Team was able to capture point A. Unfortunately for them, they were not able to keep momentum, and failed to push passed streets.

A view of Eichenwalde from first point attack.

Eichenwalde was a similar story. Khry opened up BSEE’s attack with a solid two picks as Widowmaker. His team forced aggression onto their opponents and took control of the point.

Strangely, Gold Team switched back to the Moira – Ana comp they showcased in the previous map. BSEE took the first fight on streets by denying the enemy any sort of dive. The healer duo of Marshall and Hugerez peeled for each other flawless, and they were able to eliminate Moisty who may have overstepped his line. Later on, Gold Team retook control of the castle and the payload when they popped Dragonblade to wipe. In the fight after, trades seemed to be going back and forth underneath the castle bridge, but Potato! on D.Va took matters into his own hands as he got three crucial frags to win the fight. They used this to push their way into the cap.

Going on to third, Gold Team stood no chance against the Khry and Honeybadger duo. Their DPS was unmatched as they rolled through the main room of the castle. Khry’s McCree popped off with three final blows to clear the point in the final contest.

Honeybadger stared straight into the eyes of Gold Team’s spawn and established his defensive dominance with two immediate kills on their supports. His Pharah value put the team on his back as his damage was too considerable. Even after Gold Team swapped to Widow, they found difficulty finding any kills against BSEE, and they were snowballed by ultimates heavily.

A spark of hope flickered as Moisty came up with a big slam, and it appeared as if Gold Team was finally going to take it after two and a half minutes. However, Khry just strolled on in as if he owned the objective and killed three as McCree before dying himself. This set up for Hugerez and Honeybadge to walk on in and turn the unwinnable fight around.

It took a Graviton – Dragon combo for Gold Team to take it, and Deja Vu from Kings Row set in. With hardly anything going into streets, Gold Team failed to cap second, and sent Ben Shapiro’s Epic Elite to the finals against first seed, Oracle Gaming White.

Oracle Gaming White

It was Kings Row again, and BSEE’s tanks attacked exactly as they had done to Gold Team and that was simply dominate space on the point. This allowed Khry and Honeybadger to freely do damage onto the enemy and destroy their frontline. First point was hardly a fight.

In streets, Oracle Gaming White‘s Doomfist player, Alex attempted to coordinate a dive onto BSEE’s backline, but it ended up being anything but that as he use all his abilities and was easily punished by Marshall. Oracle attempted to salvage the fight with a nano Rein, but he was stun locked by Earthshatter and Graviton, leading to a fight won and a point for BSEE.

With an ultimate advantage, BSEE rolled into the final cap with just over four and a half minutes.

The trades favored the attackers in the first fight after switching sides. Oracle walked in a took the space just as BSEE had, but with more risk as Updog died as he did so. The fight got scrambled as the fight became disorganized. Khry on Junkrat somehow ended up in Oracle’s backline diving their Ana, Alex grabbed three quick frags on Doomfist, and somehow WildElia (Oracle’s Lucio) traded with Honeybadger on Hanzo. Oracle took the fight and continued to streets.

A Graviton – Dragon combo allowed BSEE to retake the cart and utilize the arch as a choke point in the map. This made ultimate usage difficult for Oracle, and they ended up wasting shatter. But it was Alex coming up clutch as he punched away with a nano boost to open up two kills to win the following fight.

A meter away from the checkpoint, it completely seemed as if Oracle was going to win it. BSEE failed to follow up on a Graviton. Ultimates were in there favor, but there was one left on cart. Hugerez was crouching down next to the cart unnoticed, contesting, preventing the point from fully pushing. This allowed BSEE to take advantage of the newfound aggression of Oracle as they thought they had already capped the point. Their mistakes were punished, and they were sent back to their spawns to try again.

In the next few fights, it appeared as if Oracle Gaming had the right mindset. They appeared to be ready to set up plays, but their components kept getting dropped. One fight, they were ready to use Graviton and Meteor Strike, but Khry was there to flash and kill Alex who was waiting on the engage. There must have been some awareness or communication errors going on behind the scenes of Oracle Gaming.

From the failure to execute, the final fight approached Oracle sooner than expected. They had ultimates, but they were rushed and easily countered. BSEE got value off theres to defeat them on Kings Row.

Lijiang Garden

Only one map away now, and it was on to Lijiang Tower. Night market was the round map and it was a Reinhardt Zarya composition on the side of BSEE and a dive comp on the side of Oracle. Oracle failed to perform a dive due to the long lines of sight that Widow and Hanzo controlled, so they were forced to the coast side of map. This allowed BSEE to control point and essentially box oracle into one area. Frags came easily as the point unlocked and Oracle attempted to contest.

Oracle tried another coast push again, but to no avail as repetition was their downfall. It went exactly as the first attempt did.

The next two fights were simply controlled by BSEE’s ultimate economy. A Graviton combo secured one, and an Earthshatter with nano finished off the last fight to end the round and bring Ben Shapiro’s Epic Elite one map away from a championship victory.

Oracle brought out a standard Goats comp on Control Center against BSEE’s standard Reinhardt, Zarya, Hanzo, McCree, Lucio, Ana. Oracle came out them with complete aggression, but they were ready for it. They played passively and baited them in through the white room. Just a the right moment, Hugerez slipped in a perfect anti, and they punished their overconfidence.

From there, BSEE was in total control and in shape to snowball the rest of the round. They went into the next fight with all their ultimates, and won the next two with only two ults each, charging the ones they used previously in each rotation.

After a beautiful display of ultimate usage and economy, not all was perfect. BSEE themselves seemed to get a bit overexcited and pushed too aggressively into space they probably should not have. Oracle turned it around and made trades in their favor to take the point at 99%.

From out of nowhere, during the respawns of Ben Shapiro’s Epic Elite, a Rip Tire from Khry (who had switched from McCree earlier in the round) flew through the point to eliminate two of the members of Oracle as they contently capped. This prompted BSEE to push right in without regrouping as that opportunity was now. Dogefighter swung his hammer, and a Graviton was tossed from the choke along with a dragon, and Oracle was clickly wiped.

Oracle desperately attempted to touch the point and try to gather their chances at finals, but they were booped, body blocked, and stunned away, leaving the championship title to Ben Shapiro’s Epic Elite.

BSEE put up an excellent display of ultimate usage and mechanical skill in this tournament. Khry and Honeybadger were a damage duo to fear, especially on Eichenwalde. The strats were executed to near perfection.

Next week, they plan to replicate their performance and defend their title as Academy Gaming Weekly champs.

If you wish to watch the matches yourself, click here.

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